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Everything about 'Everything Under the Sun'

What's up with the name?

To say I've only just realised how ridiculously long the name is, would be a lie. From my Instagram username (with one too many underscores) to my website URL, the long name has slowly grown on me.

When I first thought of launching my own book subscription service I wanted it to be something that appealed and catered to everyone. I wanted it to include literally everything under the sun and the name just stuck. So, I apologise for any inconvenience and suggest just tapping the link in my Instagram bio!

My inspiration.

I used to subscribe to a book subscription service that only sent classic books. I love classic books so it was great at the time, however I wanted other books too. Personally, I don't have a favourite type of genre, I like a lot of different books it just depends on what mood I'm in at the time.

So I decided to create a subscription service that doesn't just cater to one type of genre or niche but where you can choose what kind of box you want depending on your reading mood. It's a chance to try new things and discover more books.

You can either have a one-time purchase or you can subscribe for 3 months and still receive a different type of box every month, if you want. Either put it in your notes on checkout or I will email you close to the date of purchase every month to confirm what box you would like to receive.

Different types of readers explained.

Adventurous Reader: for readers who want to be surprised. Both the genre and the book are a mystery waiting to be discovered. Sometimes you don't know what you want to read but are open to trying new things, this is the box for moments like that.

Cosy Reader: for the readers who want to stay in their comfort zone, the genre of the book is known. However, the genre changes every month, so that everyone gets a chance. The genre of the month for February is Fantasy. If you liked the genres of the previous months you can buy our past boxes.

Classics Buff: for the readers who want to immerse themselves into the classics. Whether you already have a love for it or want to start reading them, this box is for you.

Humanitarian: for the readers who want to make a difference. Not only does the book promote awareness of a global crisis but 50% of the proceeds will go to a charity affiliated with the crisis. Both the book and the charity will be known at the start of every month. For February the book is 'The Beekeeper of Aleppo' by Christina Lefteri and the charity is Save the Children, their Syrian refugee crisis appeal. (You'll receive proof that half of the proceeds have gone to the charity after purchase.)

If you think there are any more types of readers you want us to feature, comment below.

What's in the boxes

Our hand-picked gifts vary from mugs to tote bags to stationary to teas and candles. Some of the gifts are centred around the theme of the book and others are picked to create a cosy and immersive atmosphere.

The contents of each box is a mystery, as it should be a pleasant surprise when you receive it.

I think one of the best features of the box is the hand-wrapped books, courtesy of my mum. After mastering the act of Japanese gift-wrapping, my mum sources beautiful wrapping paper and matches them up with each book. It's so pretty you don't even want to unwrap it!

We hope you enjoy our boxes!



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P.P.S. Keep an eye out for more blog posts. They'll be book reviews, recommendations and weird Buzzfeed like articles.

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